Monday, November 16, 2009


On weekends, Randy and I have been doing ocean swims. Nothing beats an early morning ocean swim. If you've never tried it, it's something you should do sometime in your lifetime. It's the best! It's invigorating, exciting, scary (or would be if you ran into a shark), and a ton of fun. It's even more fun to go with a large group of people. Sunday I caught a draft off of a good friend of ours and managed to stay up with him pretty well. I just got back into swimming after nearly eight months of being lazy, so we've only been doing 3/4 mile and one mile swims, but soon I hope to be able to go a lot farther.

After our swims we head over to Jamba Juice. We always order the same thing. Randy gets a peanut butter moo'd and I get a blueberries dreamin'. My drink is the best smoothie in the world. It's a drink that was never officially on the Jamba Juice menu, but it consists of soy milk, non-fat frozen yogurt, blueberries and ice. If you ever decide to try one, the cashier may not know what a blueberries dreamin' is, so just say it's a strawberries dreamin' with blueberries instead of strawberries.

The moral of this story is:
Well, there is no moral to this story but I still say you should go for ocean swims and then head over to Jamba Juice for a blueberries dreamin' as often as possible.


Randy said...

Mmm! Peanut butter.

Runner Chick said...

LOL....I like the moral of the story which is has no moral. Mmmmm...makes me wanna try one.

debbie said...

I Have never tried a morning swim in the Hawaiian warm water or a blueberries dreamin. I wanna do that. How ever, I do think your story has a moral. It is :If someone advises you that you should try a a morning swim and a blueberries dreamin then for cryin out loud, TRY ONE!